Partnering with us means
          - you agree with our mission
          - you agree with the need
          - you will support us with
            prayer and/or financial support

Our income is only what we are able to 
bring in ourselves or receive through 
financial support of those who have 
partnered with us.

We give all we can to these kids and to the community.  We give without concern as to where the money will come from, and God continues to bless us and cover our needs.​


Simply put, it goes everywhere.  
* Living expenses: 
          - Gas, Heating Fuel, Pellets, Propane, Electricity,

            Phone, Internet, Food, Medical

* Educational expenses: 
          - Mike is attending Liberty Online as finances allow

* Ministry expenses (Teaching): 
          - Study Books, Work Books, Online Materials

* Ministry expenses (Activities): 
          - Food, Travel and Activity costs

* General Ministry: 
          - Our door is always open

          - We have had visitors at all hours of the day and night

          - We will feed those who are hungry

          - We offer a shoulder to those who need to cry

          - We give a ride to those in need

          - We employee those needing work

          - We help however we can.
          - We simply strive to show the love of Christ in our words and actions.​​


Our number one goal is to help the kids in this area.  

          -Many kids have endured a great amount of struggles in their young lives

          -The kids hear God loves them yet are confused as to why they have the

            struggles they do

Miles separate all the kids
          -There are so many young people we would like to reach out to in the

            surrounding areas yet they span across many miles. We can make the

            most impact through activities that put them into our temporary care.

Limited resources
          - Some activities are held at the church, so our costs are just food.

          - Often "church" is not a big enough draw and so attendance is limited. 

          - Larger scale activities, such as various day trips require more funds for

            fuel, food, and location

Future goals

          - We would like to have a youth resource center (bible study, tutoring,

            job assistance, fellowship, food, safe place, etc.)         

          - We would like to plan overnight mission trips in Anchorage to teach

            the teens about service.

          - We would also like to take the teens on a longer mission trip to

            somewhere in the United States.


Support is not just money... there are three ways to support us:

          - Pray for the youth and pray for us. 
          - Pray that we can build and sustain relationships with the youth
          - Pray that we can be sensitive to their individual needs. 
          - Pray that we can help change a life. 

          - Consider a trip to this part of Alaska
          - Spend a day or two, if just passing through
          - Spend longer, if time allows
          - Come help at Vacation Bible School, you will bless these kids

            and be blessed yourself

          - The more support we have, the more freedom we have to be available

            for the kids, and the resources we have to offer various activities.


There are two ways to provide a tax deductible gift

          -Goto: www.WorldOutreach.org        
(Click Here)
          -Click “DONATE” and select “Mike & Juanita Ferrari #122”
          -USA & International Cards are accepted

          -Make your check out to: World Outreach Ministries 
          -Designate for “Mike & Juanita Ferrari #122” in the memo field
          -Send to: World Outreach Ministries, PO Box B, Marietta, GA 30061

 Partner With Us

C 3 1 7 . c o m ​​                  Colossians 3:17