C 3 1 7 . c o m ​​                  Colossians 3:17

 Who We Are 


We are Mike and Juanita Ferrari, independent missionaries in Alaska. We were both born and raised in Southern California and moved to Alaska when we realized that the important things in life are the true blessings found in sacrificing our own needs and wants for the sake of helping others.  

God called us out of our comfort zone and to Alaska, and we are thankful for all He has done.

C317 stands for Colossians 3:17 which says: "And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father." - This is our desire, that our words and actions demonstrate the love of Christ and glorify Him and not ourselves.


We will maintain a ministry that shows the love of Christ and impacts lives by providing a safe place with positive activities, guidance, encouragement and compassion that builds a community connected to Jesus Christ and to each other.​


People might ask: "Why Alaska?"
We would respond:
It was the kids we first met when we came to Alaska and it is the kids that caused us to want to stay. Many kids here have had to endure things that kids shouldn't have to endure. Many are hurting, withdrawn, sad, and scared. Many just want someone in their lives they can trust.

We know there are kids facing tough situations all around the world, but these are the kids we met, these are the kids we believe God brought into our lives, and these are the kids we will minister to. 

We have seen transformation in lives; we have seen kids that are sad, rebellious, obnoxious and acting out and we have seen through that, to the awesome, loving kid inside. All kids need love, attention and security; we are here to help provide that for those in need... to give hope... to show Christ's love through our actions, words, and the example we show in our own daily living.

Many kids here already know the Lord, but it is very common for kids to leave the church and to lose faith as they move into their teen years. It is important to show them that God is real, His love is real, and that He is there for them today and for all the days to come.

We believe God has a purpose for us and it is here in Alaska. It truly is not where we ourselves would choose to be, far away from family and friends, but we are to trust in the Lord and not in our own understanding. We believe we are following Him and His ways, and living according to His will.