C 3 1 7 . c o m ​​                  Colossians 3:17

 What We Do 


Our desire is to be open and available for anything and everything God would have for us to do.

Our goal is to be a light of Christ in a dark valley, to share the love of Christ with all we can, to minister to those God puts in our pathway.

We came to Alaska intent on ministering to the youth, however we have found many doors opened to us that lead us into ministering to all ages.​


     * Mike leads worship at Gulkana Community Chapel.
     * Juanita runs the audio/visual system at Gulkana Community Chapel​.
     * We lead two youth groups during the week: Grades 3-6 and Grades 7-12.
     * We help with game night at Gulkana Community Chapel designed to

        provide an alternative activity to those struggling with addictions.
     * Juanita is helps teach Sunday School at Gulkana Community Chapel.
​     * Mike is on the board of directors of Gulkana Community Chapel.


     * Occasionally, Mike will preach at Gulkana Community Chapel,

        or another local church if needed.
     * Mike is taking online classes in Biblical Studies through Liberty University.
     * We occasionally provide child-care to assist others do what God is calling

        them to do.
     * We are newly licensed foster care parents and have had a couple

        teenagers placed in our home
     * We consider ourselves "on-call" 24/7.  

          -We will answer the phone or door at any hour of the day or night to

           help anyone in need.  
     * We help others however we can.

        This means anything and here are some examples: 
          - We prepared and delivered meals to someone in need
          - Taking someone to Anchorage
          - Provided babysitting, dog sitting, house sitting for a variety of reasons
          - Providing technical computer support