C 3 1 7 . c o m ​​                  Colossians 3:17

 Where We Are 


Our home is in Gakona, more specifically, in Gakona Village (see map below)

Gakona is not a city or a town, there is no local government. There are no city or state taxes, property tax or sales tax. Services like fire and ambulance are only provided through volunteer efforts of the community. Residents here, as well as the surrounding areas, heavily depend on subsistence hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering.

Within Gakona lies Gakona Village, a Native American village. Most Native Americans here are Athabascan, part of the Ahtna people who have occupied this area for thousands of years.

Though our home is in Gakona Village, our desire is to reach as many kids as we can. Kids in the Copper River valley are spread out between Chistochina (30 miles east), Gulkana (5 miles west), Glennallen (20 miles south), Tazlina (30 miles south) and Copper Center (45 miles south).

Winters are long and cold. We get an average of 5 feet of snow and the temperature averages around -30°F.  However, it is not uncommon for a winter day to warm up to  20°F or drop to -50°F.  

Summers are too short, with too many mosquitos.  We get plenty of rain and the temperature averages around 70°F.  Here again, it is not uncommon for a summer day to reach 90°F or drop to 40°F.  

As far as population, the area of Gakona has about 220 people (spread across about 62 square miles. The village of Gakona is only about 35 people.